Solar is breaking records after records

According to Cleantechnica : ” Solarbuzz recently reported that world solar PV power capacity grew by a record 9,000 megawatts (MW) in the 1st quarter of 2014. However, that record isn’t likely to last long. “ ” The solar market research company forecasts that every quarter this year will be higher than the one before it. ” Yes, … Read more

Cumulative capacity of solar PV to reach 500 GW by 2018

Yes, you read that right, according to the latest NPD Solarbuzz Marketbuzz report, there could be up to 500 gigawatts of cumulative solar photovoltaic installed capacity by 2018. Still to Solarbuzz, 300 gigawatts of new solar PV are to be installed in the next five years, as solar increases to three percent of total global … Read more

India is building the world’s largest solar plant

According to Business Insider, India is building the world’s largest solar plant in the northwestern desert state of Rajasthan. The project is due to deliver 4,000 MW of capacity for a price of 280 billion rupee ($4.4 billion, 3.2 billion euros). Current installed capacity in India is at 2,000 MW. By 2022, 22 GW, or eleven times … Read more

The future is solar : 49 GW to be installed in 2014

Solar saw another record year in 2013, with as much around 35 GW of capacity installed according to IHS. China and Japan leaded the world in 2013 with 8.6 and 6.3 GW respectively. This is especially staggering once you know that in 2008 and 2009 yearly installations were below ten gigawatts. Solar photovoltaic is in … Read more

Mexico to go for 35 percent renewables by 2026

As TreeHugger reports, Mexico is willing to drastically increase the share of renewable energy sources in its electricity mix. While  currently accounting for less than 15 percent, they will be pushed to represent over 35 percent by 2026. Most of current renewables in the country are coming from hydro as solar and wind energies account … Read more

Global capacity doubled : a solar boom

Solar capacity is boomingTo Greentech Media : ” two-thirds of all solar PV capacity in place worldwide has been installed since January 2011. Let’s put that into perspective. It took nearly four decades to install 50 gigawatts of PV capacity worldwide.”

” But in the last 2 1/2 years, the industry jumped from 50 gigawatts of PV capacity to just over 100 gigawatts. At the same time, global module prices have fallen 62 percent since January 2011. “

” Even more amazingly, the solar industry is on track to install another 100 gigawatts worldwide by 2015 — nearly doubling solar capacity in the next 2 1/2 years. “

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Latest news from China

A solar China

I originally wanted to write a post only on how the People’s Republic of China is willing to quadruple its solar PV capacity by 2015.  But given other news from there got my attention, I thought it would be better to present them all.

First thing first : the Chinese government is not messing around anymore on pollution as no less than the death penalty will be proclaimed for the most serious cases.

Second, according to a study quoted by Treehugger, the air pollution due to coal burning slashes the life expectancy by no less than five years and a half in Northern China.

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Peru to provide solar panels to two million inhabitants

I seldom blog about Latin America besides the occasional post on the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. So when I read about Peru’s efforts to give access to its poorest population, I just knew I had to share this. The Peruvian National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program will benefit more than 2 million people by providing … Read more

Solar costs drop by a hundred

To pursue my quest for the best information about cleantech and sustainability, I have recently added one social media to my collection. I am now gathering – and sharing information – via Tumblr. This allowed me last week to find great graph on how solar costs have been decreased, cut and slashed by a factor … Read more

Grid parity for solar PV is already here in 105 countries

I have already noted quite a few times in the past month that grid parity is slowly but surely approaching. What if it were already the case ? To the Applied Materials blog and REneweconomy it is already here in over a hundred countries. Yes, solar photovoltaic installed on rooftops is now cheaper than electricity … Read more

Renewables are surging much faster than thought

wind and solar powerA close observer of renewable energy markets I am amazed at how fast they are growing around the world. Many countries are banking on them to get out of the current triple crisis.

Even if the efforts being done are lacking the necessary scale, results are very encouraging. Portugal is getting 70 percent of its electricity from hydro and wind, Spain over a half of electricity came from clean sources as well.

In Germany, solar can provide up to 22 GW, or 44 % of the total demand. In Australia, one in eleven houses have solar panels installed.

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Can France achieve 15 GW of solar PV capacity by 2020 ?

To Cleantechnica : ” A study recently published by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) suggests that France’s Solar PV target for 2020 should be 15 GW instead of its current 5.4 GW. “ ” According to ADEME, solar PV has the potential to reach grid parity in France in the coming few years, and therefore is … Read more

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