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Canada, the US and Mexico to partner on energy


The agreement signed late last month may be the beginning of a new era of collaboration on climate change as the three North American countries signed an agreement to push cleantech and fight climate change. Read more

Concentrated Solar Power to get major boost

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power, or CSP, is another possible technology to generate electricity from the sun. While it can store energy and thus provide electricity after the sun went down, the global current capacity is still around 5,000 MW, compared to solar PV’s being above 220,000 MW. Read more

Carbon Capture and Storage is still nowhere to happen

carbon capture and storage Mississippi

A recent article in the New York Times recently outlined the massive problems of one of the key CCS project in the United States. The plant is still not online and is way over costs. Read more

Our rising consciousness

conscious capitalism cover

Sometimes I think that Mankind as a whole is on the right track as shocking things we held to be true and moral are not anymore and as globally violence is decreasing. I found this train of thought in a book I read last year, Conscious Capitalism. Read more

India shows strong climate leadership


India is the world’s most populated country and still relatively poor. As thus, its energy choices will influence in a major way our common future. Read more

Paris floods linked to climate change

eiffel flood

It has been raining a lot lately in large parts of France, to the point that Paris got flooded. Masterpieces in Le Louvre had to be evacuated… But was all this linked to climate change ? Read more

2015 was another record year for renewables

intel solar pv in Viet Nam

According to two recent studies, 2015 was yet another record year for renewable energy sources as no less than $285.9 billion (256 billion euros) have been invested in that sector last year.  Read more

G7 to phase out fossil fuels subsidies by 2025

g7 planting trees

This could be another turnaround for the fight against climate change as the G7 is willing to eliminate subsidies for oil, coal and natural gas within the decade. Read more

Five reasons to oppose nuclear

Nuclear reactors in Germany

One of the most read articles on this blog is ” 10 reasons to support nuclear power “, which I wrote in 2009 when the situation was very different. A lot happened since then that has made me reconsider my stance on nuclear, so here is a counter-point. Read more

Energy and the healthcare sector


This article is a slightly re-written assignment I had to write for my Certficate in Sustainable Energy Solutions at Pinchot University. Hope you will like it ! Read more

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