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  • Edouard Stenger is a multicultural management professional with a passion for transitioning businesses and communities to a carbon neutral future. Since 2007 he has written more than 1,800 articles on global climate and sustainability issues for his blog.
  • Edouard earned his Master’s Degree in International Management from Audencia Nantes, France in 2006. In 2016 he completed a Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions from Pinchot University in Seattle, where he is currently completing his MBA in Sustainable Business. Read More
  • Fluent in three languages, Edouard has worked in France, Germany, Belgium, Colombia and the United States. Experienced in both marketing and the energy sector, he is currently looking for new professional opportunities in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. Read my articles there.

Altered:Nozzle – Same tap. 98% less water


Last year I was blogging about the Nebia showerhead which was proposing to save 70 percent water thanks to liquid atomization. Now with the same technology comes the Altered:Nozzle which saves a massive 98 percent of water that comes out of the faucet while not cutting on fonctionality. Read more

Vanishing wilderness: 10 percent of Nature gone in 25 years


I admit it is hard to keep your head cool when you read such news, and this despite having discovered the power of positive psychology. To a new study the world has lost ten percent of its wilderness in as little as 25 tiny years…  Read more

Integrating Sustainability in Corporate Strategy


For this week’s article I am proposing an altered version of the first paper I wrote for tthe sustainable strategy seminar during the course of my MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy at Presidio Graduate School.  Read more

Costa Rican electricity was 100 percent renewables for 113 days

Cossta Rica

Another world is possible. It is always a question of public willingness. The latest example of this is Costa Rica – 4.9 million inhabitants strong – which ran for almost four months on a hundred percent renewable electricity. Read more

Book review: Big World, Small Planet

bwsp header

It seems that I found my Sustainability Must Read of the Year just by asking a librarian at the Seattle Central Public Library. Published last September before the Paris Agreements this book combines the latest climate and sustainability science with great photos. Read more

Good news from Brazil, and no it is not the Olympics

Rio Copacabana

Last week the Brazilian Senate ratified the Paris Agreement, making it one step closer to make this major climate change mitigation effort a reality. Brazil is the sixth world biggest carbon emitter and the biggest to ratify to date.  Read more

Fighting the drought, water efficiency in California

Dry Folsom Dam Sacramento

For our Economics classes at Pinchot last year, I – with a few friends and classmates – worked on water in California. My part was focusing on the inefficiency and the leaks occuring in the State. The findings are quite unsettling. Read more

Presidio Graduate School acquires Pinchot University

Presidio acquires Pinchot

It is with a certain excitement that I am announcing you that Pinchot University – where I am starting the second year of my MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy – has been acquired by Presidio Graduate School, San Francisco, CA. Read more

Greenland lost a trillion tonnes of ice

greenland lost a trillion tons of ice

While it is undeniable that the fight against climate change is ramping up, slowly but surely, rising temperatures and environmental degradation are getting scarier each month. An example among others was how Greenland lost one trillion tons of ice in just three years. Read more

Canada, the US and Mexico to partner on energy


The agreement signed late last month may be the beginning of a new era of collaboration on climate change as the three North American countries signed an agreement to push cleantech and fight climate change. Read more

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