Hello and welcome to my homepage, dedicated to bringing a selection of the latest news and best researches on sustainability, climate change, environmental issues and the world energy sector.

Mission and vision

SustainabilitySince January 2007, the mission of this blog is to answer the following questions :

  • What are the environmental issues we are facing ?
  • What are the solutions ?
  • Are these solutions applied with the necessary scale and scope ?

These three questions have a global reach but require local solutions. I regard them as the first problems of a glocal era. As a manager, I don’t think they are problems, but opportunities to be tapped to build a better and more sustainable world.

To the latest research by climate scientists (IPCC, 2014), global carbon neutrality is now necessary to leave a liveable planet to the next generations. This is feasible but will require forty years of hard work from us all. But this is the opportunity to fix every single thing that is wrong with our current predicament…

After having published five articles a week for years, I now publish once a week. If these articles rise your interest, please don’t hesitate to subscribe now by RSS or by Email. You can also follow me on Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks such as Facebook. A full list of social media is available at the top and bottom of this page.

Last but not least, this blog presents my opinion and I am always open to discussion and exchanging ideas and views. So, please feel free to join us and to leave a comment !

Awards and recognition

In 2008, this blog has been nominated as one of the ten best international blogs on environment in the Blog do Planeta, a leading Brazilian blog.

More recently (2014-15) I have been featured for several months in the SustMeme Climate Change & Energy ranking. This is a list of the ” Top 500 influencers and players active on Twitter in Climate Science & Forecast, the Carbon Economy, Emissions, Clean, Green & Renewable Energy, Generation and Efficiency. ”



(last update : February 17th, 2017)

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