Here is another opinion piece I wrote for Cleantechies : ” There is a question that currently puzzles me : why is the European Union so unambitious on climate and energy goals ? “ ” We have seen recently that the European Commission unveiled plans to cut carbon emissions by […]

The European union already benefits from renewables

Many European nations have seen a boom in their renewable energy sources in the past few years. Among them is Spain. Here is the introduction to an article on that topic I wrote for Cleantechies : ” 2013 was an excellent year for wind energy in Spain as this renewable […]

Wind energy was top energy source in Spain in 2013


To Enerdata ” global wind capacity increased by 12.5% in 2013, reaching 318,137 MW. During the year, 35,467 MW were installed worldwide, which is almost 10 GW below capacity additions in 2012. “ ” US installations were badly impacted by a policy gap created by the US Congress in 2012; […]

Global wind capacity grew by 12.5 % in 2013

Here is my latest article for Cleantechies, this time focusing on the quite disappointing move from the European Union to cut its emissions by 40 percent by 2030 ( compared to 1990 levels). Here is the introduction : ” The European Union has long been regarded as a leader on climate […]

European Union to cut emissions by 40% by 2030

I had noted last year that cleantech investments had decreased from their peak of  $317.9 billion in 2011 to reach $286.2 billion in 2012. 2013 was an even worse year as total investments reached only $254 billion. To Bloomberg New Energy Finance : ” The reduced volume of investment in 2013 reflected […]

Cleantech investments decreased again in 2013

Here is my first 2014 article for Cleantechies, focusing on the slow growth of renewable energy in France. If wind power capacity is reaching 8,000 MW and solar PV is reaching 4,500 MW, progress has been slowing down considerably. Here is the introduction to the article : ” According to recent […]

Renewable energies increased slowly in 2013 in France

As we are kicking off the new year I believe it would be interesting to offer my readers reasons to hope. Indeed, if climate change and other environmental issues are getting each month more pressing, we are witnessing at least five trends. From renewable energy sources to the carbon tax, […]

2014 : reasons to hope


Dear visitors, readers and subscribers. Today, January 2nd, this humble blog turns SEVEN. As this is the first 2014 post, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and sustainable year 2014 ! I have tried from day one to bring you a selection of […]

Happy and sustainable 2014 ! (Starting season 8)

For my last 2013 post for Cleantechies, I wrote about how the European Union is working on its climate change projects for 2030. It is considering 35 to 45 percent greenhouse gases emissions reduction compared to 1990 levels. As I am stating there, this would be a bit unambitious as […]

European Union could agree to 45 percent cuts by 2030

While browsing Cleantechnica I found the answer of a key question I have been having ever since writing my Master’s thesis. French houses are leaky ” thermal collanders “ as 20 million accommodations have to be weatherized. Potential savings could be the equivalent of 200 TWh of electricity per annum, […]

The value of a well insulated home

This Thursday I attended two events in Paris related to energy and environmental issues as well as on social corporate responsibility. The first event was a round-table on nuclear in France and the Energiewende in Germany. It was organized by the Green European Foundation, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and the Fondation de […]

I attended two sustainability events in Paris

Here comes another article for Cleantechies, this time focusing on a problem plaguing many nations, coal. This fossil fuels does indeed provides a large part of the electricity there. Here is the introduction : ” Poland – as many East European nations – relies very heavily on coal as 90 […]

Poland could halve coal consumption by 2030