Green and blue at the same time with Biosolar Roof

What I love about blogging is coming back to old posts with new developments and ideas. Years ago I was wondering what was the most sustainable : blue roofs (with solar panels) or green ones. Some people combine both ideas and this is a GREAT idea. 

  • One hand green roofs are fantastic as they 1. Provide space for pollinators and increase biodiversity ; 2.  Cut down tremendously the heat island effects from our huge cities 3. Reduce the energy consumption of the buildings ; 4. cut down wastewater from hard rainfall.
  • On the other hand, solar panels, whether thermal or PV, bring on-site low-carbon energy generation and cut down the use for dirty coal and reduce the loss from transmission lines.


Biosolar Roof is a European company whose mission is to make such roofs widespread. Given the huge amounts of advantages mentioned above, one can only wish them a lot of success !

Here is a short video :


On a personal note, seeing all the gray and dead roofs from my windows, Seattle could sure benefit from green and blue roofs…

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