And here is another article I wrote for Cleantechies. This time I wrote about my beloved Ireland – I studied in Dublin for a year – and it is another European leader on renewables. Please make sure to read the full article there.

Ireland is another European leader on renewables

I often have my home country, France, is beginning to lag dangerously on renewable energy sources and the energy transition, and this albeit I have witnessed interesting development. But could this change. As I wrote for Cleantechies : ” Covering European environmental and energy policies for Cleantechies got me thinking […]

European Investment Bank to provide France 750 million Euros for ...

Here is another article on Cleantechies focusing on another success story, but this time a European one as clean energy sources are pursuing their rise. The energy transition is slowly taking place. Here is the introduction : ” According to official statistics from Eurobserv’ER, 23.4 percent of the electricity in […]

European Union gets 23.4% of electricity from renewables

According to new figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO), both indoor and outdoor air pollution killed no less than seven million people around the world in 2012, making it the world’s largest single environmental health risk. “The risks from air pollution are now far greater than previously thought […]

Air pollution killed 7 million people in 2012

Cleantechies recently changed hands and got a new design. This makeover is the occasion for them to focus a bit more on contributors. I thus have a brand new author page. It looks great so go and check it out ! Now here is my latest article there, this time […]

Portugal shows leadership in renewable energy

You must know if if you have been reading this blog : albeit it is not as ” sexy “ as renewables, energy efficiency is simply a must as we embark our societies and economies on a journey towards sustainability. Here is further proof as Cleantechnica notes : ” Energy […]

Energy efficiency brings huge returns on investment


The ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia is an excellent occasion for the European Union to assess its dependence from foreign fossil fuels, especially oil and natural gas from the Russian Federation. As Kees van der Leun noted on his Twitter last week, the EU buys to Russia over half […]

Energy, the European Union and Russia

It seems the huge floods in the United Kingdom could become the new normal because of climate change. The frequency of such destructive events could almost double by mid century as a new study published in Nature Climate Change reports. According to the Guardian :” The huge cost of flood […]

Flood costs and risks to soar in Europe