Book review : Ecomind, by Frances Moore Lappé

Here is an inspiring book replete with paradigm shifting ideas and examples. Frances Moore Lappé provides here a real must-read book that will energize its readers and give them all hope for a better world.

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The biggest US climate rally to date rally in WashingtonThis Sunday took place in the United States of America the largest climate rally ever (in the country) up to 40,000 people walked peacefully, chanted and danced in Washington DC.

Other rallies were organized in many other states. All had the same message : they were asking President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline and to act on climate change.

I am quite sure that this is only the beginning and that more marches with similar goals will take place in the United States and globally as climate change appears as the defining threat of our time.

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Armies thinking about a post-oil world

While browsing CleanTechnica I found an interesting article on peak oil. According to a leaked military report from the German Bundeswehr, peak oil will occur this year and the consequences will be dramatic.

Among them are market failures and tremendous risks for democracy itself. As Cleantechnica notes it is unlikely that any nation would be unaffected by such crises. “ This is not exactly encouraging news.

Meanwhile, the US Army is also thinking about the risks of peak oil and may stop completely using this energy source by 2040.

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Are we intelligent enough to prevent climate change ?

I really liked The Revenge of Gaia and have a profound respect for its author, the famous scientist and environmental thinker James Lovelock and this, even if I find him particularly pessimistic.

This won’t change as for his first interview in a long time and after the huge failure of the Copenhagen climate summit, Lovelock believes Humans as a species can’t solve climate change.

Please read the full article as it is a great reflection on climate change and the necessary actions we need to take to address the issue.

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