Book review : Ecomind, by Frances Moore Lappé

Here is an inspiring book replete with paradigm shifting ideas and examples. Frances Moore Lappé provides here a real must-read book that will energize its readers and give them all hope for a better world.

To the author, seven thought traps are preventing us and slowing us in our much needed change towards a more sustainable future. Here are they :


  1. No-growth is the answer !

    This is a belief many environmentalists have, including French Greens and Naomi Klein and her latest book. No growth means not getting poor people out of their predicament, not exactly something we want… Plus, what growth ? It’s time for an alternative to GDP (we’ll get to that soon… )
  2.  ” Consumer society ” is the problem

    Here again it’s not a question of growth, but how do we grow. The author explains we need to privilege quality over quantity. The reflection on waste is also well worth your time. 
  3.  We’ve hit the limits of a finite earth !

    Earth is really resilient. If we allow Her to heal, she’ll do it. A recent example of that is the recovery of the Galapagos turtles species, which went from only 15 individuals to a thousand as Treehugger recently reported.
  4.  We must overcome human nature to save the planet

    Many believe that we Humans are naturally bad and that we have to overcome that. The author makes the case for our better side, which is in the fact our normal one. Kindness is the norm, Hate isn’t. We just have to provide an environment where our penchant for kindness is nurtured.
  5. To save our planet, we have to override humanity’s natural resistance to rules
  6. Humans have lost the connection to nature

    How about no again ? It takes very little time and effort to retrieve our connection with Nature. Just enabling people to have access to trees can do wonder as I have previously noted.
  7. It’s too late!

    Nupe, nupe, nupe ! It is never too late to change

Key in the book is the powerful concept of Living Democracy. To reclaim our lost power, We The People, have to change our civilization. This starts with getting rid of politicians that are here for the money. Companies shouldn’t be able to buy politicians.

To conclude, let’s stop fearing climate change, let’s hope for a brighter and better future for everyone on this planet. It starts today with OUR actions. Frances Moore Lappé shows us how.

Please refer to the official website of the book for more.

Grade : 7/10.

Image credits : Flickr.

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