The biggest US climate rally to date rally in WashingtonThis Sunday took place in the United States of America the largest climate rally ever (in the country) up to 40,000 people walked peacefully, chanted and danced in Washington DC.

Other rallies were organized in many other states. All had the same message : they were asking President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline and to act on climate change.

I am quite sure that this is only the beginning and that more marches with similar goals will take place in the United States and globally as climate change appears as the defining threat of our time.

Please have a look for more information on the various articles posted by, the organiser of the event :

Obama’s former green jobs adviser, Van Jones, gave a great speech. Watch it there.

I believe this is only the beginning as more steps will have to be taken. Rejecting this pipeline is just a start as much more has to be done if America wants to go ” forward on climate ” : a sufficient carbon tax and ending fossil fuels subsidies are just two more steps.

In any case, Bill McKibben and did a great job. I look forward for more !

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