Costa Rican electricity was 100 percent renewables for 113 days

Another world is possible. It is always a question of public willingness. The latest example of this is Costa Rica – 4.9 million inhabitants strong – which ran for almost four months on a hundred percent renewable electricity.

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A great Japanese idea to park bikes

Giken Eco CycleWhile browsing my RSS feeds, I found on Inhabitat a great idea on how to park dozens of bikes without wasting space in streets. Only eight meters wide and eleven meters deep, a single Eco Cycle parking can store 204 bikes.

The Japanese company Giken has installed many of these in Tokyo and around Japan. Given how both biking and bike sharing are becoming more and more popular around the world, I am sure this product could sprout globally.

I just love how Japanese people and companies find creative ideas : with all the freed above ground space, city councils could plant thousands of trees instead.

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Bike sharing is booming too

Last week I was reporting that biking is booming in cities around the world. Grist wrote about how bike sharing is an essential component of this phenomenon as they are more than 500 cities in 49 countries with bike-sharing programs. Collectively, they represent as many as 500,000 bicycles combined. This just might be the beginning … Read more

Biking is booming globally

La Vie Vélo - Courrier InternationalI wrote a few months ago that vehicles are getting more and more efficient as efforts are being made in the USA, China and Europe. In the conclusion I was noting that it was good news but that more had to be done in biking among others.

It seems to be the case as Courrier International shown last July. Around the world, from Buenos Aires to Hangzhou and from New York to Moscow or Copenhagen, more and more people are biking.

This is good news as bikes are a great solution to many problems that are plaguing our communities : obesity, traffic congestion, energy use and air pollution.

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Two luminous ideas for bikes (Video)

With the incoming energy scarcity crisis, we are all due to rediscover one way or another the many advantages of biking as fueling our cars will get more and more expansive. Bikes are great, but a tad dangerous when the night comes.

Luckily for all the bikers of the night, Treehugger have been publishing an article on not one but two great ideas : Revolights – which is currently looking for funds – and AURA, a project by two students of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

Both systems put lights into the wheels themselves. I don’t know about you but these projects make me think of the movies Tron. Below you will find the videos of the projects.

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Do computers outpace cars as vehicle of self-expression ?

As a young urbanite, I don’t own a car. Indeed, cars are very expensive nowadays – with oil costing more than 1.50 euro per liter, or $8 a gallon – and public transportation make it quite easy to ditch your car in Paris.

However, I own a computer. I believe it is making a statement about me as I carefully chose each component and assembled them all by myself.  I now have a silent and nice computer that consumes little energy on my desk at home.

Even if I wouldn’t turn down an offer for a Ford Gran Torino (pictured above, ala Starsky and Hutch) or a 1970 Mustang (sorry for the clichés), I don’t need a car, I don’t want a car.

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Grist : How bicycling will save the economy

While I am a huge supporter of electric cars and mass transportation, I also believe bikes should play a more important role in our lives and cities.  And so does Grist with its great Bikenomics series of three articles. Indeed, cycling allows people to stop buying foreign oil and thus spend their money in local … Read more

Famous people who rode bikes

I believe bikes should play a more important role in our daily lives. So when TreeHugger blogs – again as they already wrote a post on a great photo of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle too – I have to share it. On this awesome Tumblr website, you will find photos of people including The … Read more

Bikes are as important as cars

In terms of sustainable transportation, there is nothing better than bikes. Indeed besides being the most energy efficient transport mean it is also good for our environment and health (exercise, reduced air pollution…)

Now acknowledging these facts US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is urging states and transportation agencies to treat “walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes.”

All this is fantastic news and I hope this will help a bit America end her love affair with cars. This will benefit the country – and our planet – in many ways.

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Paris’ bike renting program, Velib

velo_paris.jpgOn July 15th, the French Capital city launched an interesting public service that enables people to rent bikes to go from on point to another.

This program, called Velib (a contraction of vélo, bike and Liberté, freedom) will comprise by the of the year more than 20,500 bikes dispatched in around 1,400 stations.

Velib proves already to be a big success, as according to this article from Actu-Environnement, nearly 350,000 rentals were concluded during the first week alone.

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