Grist : How bicycling will save the economy

While I am a huge supporter of electric cars and mass transportation, I also believe bikes should play a more important role in our lives and cities.  And so does Grist with its great Bikenomics series of three articles.

Indeed, cycling allows people to stop buying foreign oil and thus spend their money in local economies instead. This could actually bring millions, I should write, billions, of dollars and euros in local communities.

As a matter of facts, it is already doing so in some regions of the United States. Biking is also a great way to reduce energy consumption and has many advantages for your health.

2 thoughts on “Grist : How bicycling will save the economy”

  1. car love will soon fade when gas becomes too expensive–so this is the best time to promote bicycling..for all the obvious reasons, no need to sell the car and abandon the bus or train–each mode of transportation has its place in a highly mobile society–short distance, fast trips saddlebags and weather gear, all aspects of cycling can bring pleasure and self sufficiency.
    and work for the unemployed as well, get moving!

  2. Agreed. We need all mode of transportation as much as we need – almost – all carbon free energy sources.

    Just published an article on how oil prices are back $120… This is indeed more than ever the time to get back to cycling. (or taking the public transportation networks like I do )

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