Happy and sustainable 2014 ! (Starting season 8)

2014 squareDear visitors, readers and subscribers. Today, January 2nd, this humble blog turns SEVEN. As this is the first 2014 post, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and sustainable year 2014 !

I have tried from day one to bring you a selection of the latest news and best researches on everything pertaining to climate, energy and sustainability. I hope you are enjoying reading it as I am writing it.

To start season eight let’s review today what happened in 2013 with a selection of the 25 posts that encapsulate how the year was.














2 thoughts on “Happy and sustainable 2014 ! (Starting season 8)”

  1. if the human race has a chance to survive itself, you certainly will be hailed as a participant in its rescue; your posts have offered every solution to each misconception about the production and use of energy.
    thank you for your research and exploration of global conditions, on to the next seven years, and may the climate react to collective wisdom and application.
    bonne annee edouard S.

  2. Many many thanks Nadine for your kind comment. Thanks again for keeping on reading and commenting. You are a source of renewable energy for me.

    Happy new year to you too Nadine. 😀

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