World hunger keeps on decreasing

UN FAO Food insecurity in the world 2013 reportAccording to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) , there are currently one hungry person out of eight on this planet. This represents 842 million people, or around twelve percent of the global population.

While this is still a whole lot of people and way too much of them, this is an important decrease from 1990-92 when almost a billion people were hungry (and the global population was much lower, with 5.2 billion).

As Le Figaro notes, in the 1970s one person out of three were hungry around the world. So one can see that progress has been important.

Halving world hunger from 1990 to 2015 was part of the Millennium Development Goals and this has been done in 22 countries. However, some regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa are still heavily hit by hunger as a quarter of the population is still lacking food.

Asia and Latin America on the other hand have seen some remarkable progress.

For more, please check out the FAO press release.

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