Worth an article : My November and December 2013 tweets

https://i2.wp.com/www.elrst.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/twitter-earthrise-128x128.jpg?resize=128%2C128For my last 2013 article I would like to present you with my selection of tweets for both November and December 2013. Each of them could have been the subject of an article on its own.

It is quite safe to write reading this that next year will present us with new climate change tipping points and hopefully how Mankind collectively rises up to the challenge and the threat.

Please be sure that I will keep on writing on related topics as I have been doing for the past years. So for this and much more see you in 2014 🙂

 Climate change and environment

Australia’s plans to get rid of its carbon tax, green bank CEFC, and Climate Change Authority ran into some trouble: http://goo.gl/0LiG8I

Meet perfluorotributylamine, the world’s worst greenhouse gas http://grist.org

In 1990, November was by far the warmest recorded globally (1880-1990). It would be by far the coolest for 2001-2013: http://goo.gl/YE9h6x

China Set to Open World’s Second Largest Carbon Market in December http://blog.cleantechies.com

Ban Ki-Moon on 2014 yr of #climate action & summit “I am asking all to bring bold & new announcements and action” http://linkd.in/1aS3YwH

The effects of climate change have cost China US$32.9 billion since 1990 @RTCCnewswire http://shar.es/OavIL

Montreal Protocol: Treaty could help tackle #climate change, if it weren’t for #India fighting including GHGs in it http://buff.ly/1iS0dkE

World’s Largest Palm Oil Company Commits To Zero Deforestation http://thinkprogress.org

In case you missed it, @washingtonpost editorial again says we need a carbon tax. http://ow.ly/ryLnd  #climate

World Energy Council Says, We Need Strong & Predictable Carbon Pricing! http://cleantechnica.com

World’s carbon markets now cover 20% of emissions http://shar.es/DdxNV 

Futuristic phytoplankton farm could restore equilibrium in oceans : TreeHugger http://www.treehugger.com/

Study Rebuts IPCC, Calls For More Severe Emissions Cuts | Climate Central http://shar.es/DItPM

Scientists: Current international warming target is “disastrous” http://grist.org

350 Or Bust: Scientists Warn Even 2°C Warming Leads To ‘Disastrous Consequences’ And Must Be Avoided http://thinkprogress.org/

New report by 18 prominent climate scientists and economists offer a sweeping plan to decarbonize the global economy: http://bit.ly/IIQeh8

Why the U.N. climate talks keep breaking down, in five simple charts Another must read…

5 facts about Europe’s carbon emissions | Carbon Brief Excellent article.

“If we don’t succeed in Paris, the chance of limiting temperature to 2C will be virtually nil” –

Suddenly, “unburnable carbon”,”carbon asset” risk and “stranded assets” have become real among mainstream investors …

INCR has grown from 10 investors with $600 billion in 2003 to 100+ members with $11 trillion today:

25 years ago, World Conference on the Changing Atmosphere in Toronto recommended to cut CO2 emissions by 20% in 2005:

Deforestation is responsible for 1/5 to 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions

Halving EU emissions by 2030 is #affordable, says Britain http://www.euractiv.com #COP19 #EU2030 #climate

As climate warms, we’re ‘gearing up for a huge’ dengue fever epidemic

18 dead after Cyclone Cleopatra hits Italy BBC | #350

There have been at least seven record-setting hurricanes in the last decade

6 people now known to have been killed in Illinois by that hit US Midwest

is causing 300,000 deaths a year and $125 billion in economic losses

In 1997, Japan was one of the driving forces behind the Kyoto Protocol. Now, it won’t even commit to any emission reduction over 1990-2020.

Japan ditches pledge to lower emissions in midst of UN climate talks

belives Japan can change her mind and ‘resume her leadership role in the world on climate change’

Happy weekend: up, record , acidifying, Japan, Oz, Canada turn against talks. Global deal in 2015?

A global carbon market moves one step closer to reality –

China set to commit to tougher targets in 2015 –

Global warming since 1997 twice faster than estimated: so-called ‘pause’ barely a speed bump

Global warming since 1997 >2x fast as prev estimated new study shows, which plugs in missing hotspots like the Arctic

China says it’ll participate in an international climate deal, says Hiyan a “wake-up call for the world”

Supertyphoon Haiyan affected 11 million people in The Philippines, 673,000 displaced:

Australia is on track for its warmest ever year, says study http://gu.com/p/3k9tc/tw  via @guardian

Fossil fuel subsidies at $600bn Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Venezuela use 2 times more on this than public health.

Hurricane strikes Philippines with a ferocity that may be unparalleled in recorded history.

#Jellyfish taking over #oceans, experts warn: http://www.cnn.com

Sea level rise in IPCC report: estimate for 2100 now 50% higher at same emissions, no upper limit given:

This Is What Earth Will Look Like If All The Ice Melts http://www.buzzfeed.com Acceptable? If not, time for a #FossilFree future.

Leaked IPCC report: Climate change could reduce world food supply 2% per decade while demand increases 14% per decade


Energy and cleantech

1,000 GW by 2020 would make big dent in emissions! MT @ClimateGroup: Global solar PV, from 10 to 100 GW in 5 years: pic.twitter.com/1QvXBg4dgu

France : l électricité produite par le vent et le soleil en progression http://www.enerzine.com

terraeco.net/Faut-il-interdire-la-location-des,52475.html … Faut-il interdire la location des passoires thermiques Excellent article de @terraeco

India on course to become #solar ‘global leader’ – http://www.rtcc.org

Wind Fact Heaven (+ Wind Energy Charts & Graphs) http://cleantechnica.com

Good question via @TreeHugger : Do solar thermal hot water heaters still make sense? http://www.treehugger.com

London uses 11% of UK electricity. Wind is now generating enough elec to power London! Who said wind doesn’t work? http://bit.ly/18Lznkw

EU #coal use declining 1% a year due to less power demand, energy efficiency and renewables Latest @IEA outlook http://www.bloomberg.com

$50 billion worth of coal mines risk being ‘stranded’ as China gets greener – Sydney Morning Herald http://ift.tt/JpqFlv 

Enlightening & important: 10 #energy numbers to remember from 2013 that will shape the energy world in years to come http://bit.ly/1gwFG3e

Chevron suspends shale gas exploration in Romania following anti-fracking protests http://www.sfgate.com

300% Increase In Electric Car Sales In 2013 http://cleantechnica.com/ The future is electric. With loads of bikes and public transportation

Financial support to renewable energy = $101 billion in 2012: Fossil-fuel subsidies = $544 billion #weo13 http://buff.ly/1cp8jdo

Since noon, wind energy provides over 1/3 of all German electricity: http://goo.gl/KJ2Oui

Ethiopia shows the way: $4 billion investment into 1000 MW geothermal power http://reut.rs/1eUyUAC

#Ethiopia pioneers green energy in Africa with the region’s largest wind farm @AFP @AFPAfrica : http://u.afp.com/59S

L’énergie solaire représente 1 % de la consommation française:… http://fb.me/16ClmTLQQ

Fun fact: Denmark was 27% wind in Q3, with 20 hours over 100% of load, max of 120%. Data at

New renewable energy projects worth R33bn have been approved for !

Ontario is switching off North America’s biggest coal plant, going coal-free: First jurisdiction in N. America!

Wind energy in Iowa takes the equivalent of 1.7 million cars off the road

added 3.9 GW of since FiT introduction in July 2012

US firm’s $100 million investment shows how solar energy is soaring in Japan

Oil’s risky future draws Blood, Gore and $3 trillion of investor attention

A carbon tax would actually be a huge deficit cut http://thkpr.gs/1j7DeNu

300 MW Of Ethiopian Solar Farms To Be Built via First a huge wind farm, then this 🙂

As solar power takes off in Australia, energy utilities fight back : TreeHugger

Sydney Intends To Go 100% Renewable For Electricity, Heat, & Cooling By 2030 via

wants to build enough wind turbines to power Sao Paulo within 7 years :via cc

World Scorns Australian Govt For Abandoning #Climate Agenda And Cutting Funds For #Renewables http://thinkprogress.org/

Energy efficiency is set to supply more additional energy than oil through to 2035 | Maria van der Hoeven |

Germany had a huge month for distributed energy in October. Here are 5 highlights:

The amount of electricity Americans waste is enough to run all of Germany. Provocative stats on waste:

Fukushima disaster released ~1/10,000th of total radiation produce by world’s coal power plants annually.

Pentagon outlines $2.4 billion investment in electric cars –


IEA : Global primary energy demand has doubled since the early ’70s. Some 75% of the increase is from fossil fuels, particularly coal and gas

IEA : Solving the ‘ trilemma’

‘Ecological transition’ key to tackling unemployment, says MEP


Sustainable development

Someday we might get 100% of our aluminum from recycling (using only 5% of the energy) : http://www.treehugger.com

#Singapore one of the most water scarce countries, but good management means there’s enough to go round – http://www.rtcc.org/

Why do some bike-share systems succeed and others fail? The Bike-Sharing Planning Guide explains : TreeHugger http://www.treehugger.com

Why Is Amsterdam Seeking Urine Donations For Its Green Roofs?  http://thinkprogress.org

Carbon taxes and emissions trading are cheapest ways of reducing CO2, says

A Nature Walk Can Boost Optimism And Self-Control: How Natural Environments Affect Your Health:

New investment could mean renewable energy for the global poor

Using Seed Balls to Fill our Gardens with Wildflowers

Formula E to drive 77 million additional sales of electric vehicles, according to Let’s hope so…

“Environmentalists needs to infuse positivity, not gloom” – Porritt tells in captivating interview today:



Les 43 photos de l’espace les plus époustouflantes http://www.buzzfeed.com/

Trending: The benefits of raising a child bilingual are both strong and long-lasting http://econ.st/16OP0w3  pic.twitter.com/Tw3Pn9VJ7b

Take that, scifi haters. Kepler finds billions of planets like Earth: http://theweek.com/article/index/252302/earth-is-now-less-special-than-ever …

1 thought on “Worth an article : My November and December 2013 tweets”

  1. as i peruse the titles of previous articles i sense a pattern emerging from the mire: looking at developed offender nations in the climate challenge, i see that big money is retreating from active participation in rectifying carbon emissions — then i note that emerging countries are silently raising their conscience toward renewables en masse.
    is it possible to save and shame the financial empires into sustainability?
    is it feasible to depend upon the small communities to show the way back to saner use of natural principles?
    i feel a stirring under my feet and i hope that it is the voice of the small farmer rising in fear of destitution to meet the old energy alternatives in a timeless solution..and quick action..

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