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Like every last Sunday of each month, this is time for me to present you my selection of the best pictures of the NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) Like each month, this one was packed with beautiful images and it was very difficult to select just ten. I […]

Great astrophotographies – November 2008


Since I don’t have that much time to blog, I restrain myself to around 25 articles per month. However, more news are worth reading and blogging about. My goal being to provide you with the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development and related topics, I had to find […]

Worth an article: my November 2008 tweets

According to a poll carried out and published by the HSBC Climate Partnership, 43 percent of people believes that climate change is a bigger problem than the economy. This survey also highlights how the public of the largest countries (including the USA and China) want their governments to act fast […]

Poll: the environment is more important than the economy

Just after I published an article on how many islands around the world are due to disappear because of climate change, the WWF brings us more data on this very topic. To their latest studies, it seems that global warming is accelerating as time goes and thus the threat of […]

Climate change keeps on accelerating


In the past few weeks – and further to my articles on rising sea levels – I have been wondering how the beautiful islands in Oceania and elsewhere will be affected by this phenomenon. It seems many people will have to flee their homes. Indeed, many islands like Tuvalu and […]

Soon to be lost paradises


You perhaps remember the article on backpacks for cows’ farts I published this summer. It seems there is another way to limit methane emissions produced by bovines. Collecting their manure – and thus the methane – could decrease global warming and provide energy as this greenhouse gas is quite similar […]

Limiting the methane emissions of cows

In exactly one month it will be Christmas and it is most likely you will offer stuff to your loved ones. However you may be looking for something more environmentally friendly than the usual. The Daily Green proposes us a list of more than a hundred ideas that will cover […]

One month to Christmas: green gifts ideas


Daryl Warner Laux at Verda Vivo tagged me. To the rule of the game, I have to publish the rules, tag seven people,  and let you know seven things about me. This is a first for me as I never indulged before in blogging games. But it is the occasion […]

Let’s play tag !

According to the European Environment Agency the generation of electricity and heat in the 27 country members account for 80 percent of of European Union’s greenhouse gases emissions. This occurs as the sector progressively steps back from both coal and oil to embrace natural gas and renewable energy sources. It […]

Reforming the EU energy sector is necessary


In case you thought it is impossible to finance the Global Green New Deal advocated by the United Nations, here is an article that will convince you of the feasibility of such a project. The WorldWatch Institute indeed published last week a very long argumentation with seven points that will […]

Financing the Global Green New Deal


According to several sources, out of the 39 countries under the Kyoto Protocol, only 16 are meeting their targets while 20 aren’t due to do so as only three years remain. The United Nations issued an interesting presentation with a table (left) that sums up very well the situation at […]

The targets of the Kyoto Protocol


The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a ruling that may well bring an end to the constructions of coal-fired plants in the country. As the Bush Presidency is ending, this institution is finally getting more serious on limiting carbon dioxide emissions of the world’s largest emitter. The construction […]

US agency blocks construction of coal-fired plant