Elrst.com featured on La Marguerite Blog

A short post to announce you that Marguerite published an article I wrote specifically for her blog. This is both a great pleasure and honor to see my humble work featured there.

This occurs as her work is going up and up in the blogosphere as she begun writing for the Huffington Post. Her website was also mentioned in the Times online.

If you just arrived from her blog,  please be welcome and make yourself home. My favorite themes are climate change, energy and sustainable development.

This blog tackles all countries and continents if there is something big enough to be mentioned, whether it is a technology, an initiative or else.

I also write about the latest works from the International Energy Agency, the United Nations Environment Program or the WWF among others.

I have also some articles planned on personal thoughts on sustainable development, energy efficiency as well as a series of article on rising sea levels and Antarctica.

The idea behind this website is to know if we are heading toward a more sustainable development and if we are going to solve the energy / environment equation. More than twenty articles are published each month.

This blog was previously featured in Blog do Planeta as one of the top ten international environmental blog. I sometimes write lighter posts on astronomy, photography or books I liked.

If you want to know more about me, you can have a look at my resume in a nutshell. If you want to drop me a few lines, don’t hesitate as I would gladly read you.

Hope you will enjoy this website as much as you enjoyed my article at La Marguerite Blog. If it’s the case, please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed (for free) and leave me a comment.

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