Generating electricity from pee

I recently wrote a post on how we could turn urine and feces into energy thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I also wrote about some similar efforts that are being done in Singapore. Now, according to Grist and Ecogeek, four African teenage girls created a generator that […]

Turning urine into electricity

Flood in Bangkok 1

This was the question asked on the the Yale Environment 360 blog and I believe the timing is perfect as last year cities such as New York City, Manila and Bangkok got it by record floods. Now it is the turn of Jakarta. The capital megacity of Indonesia now has […]

Are our cities just too big to flood ?

Global food, waste not want not

According to a new study by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers “Between 30 and 50 percent of all the food that’s produced on the planet is lost and wasted without ever reaching human stomachs.” Treehugger wrote a compelling article on how this is such a huge and awful waste as […]

Food waste : a HUGE issue

This is a guest post from Mathias Aarre Maehlum, an environmentalist who studies energy engineering. In his spare time he works as a freelance writer. Read more of his stuff at Energy Informative. Researchers at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have figured out a way to split water molecules (H2O) into […]

Splitting water with solar power

I was pleased to see the previous French conservative government had banned fracking and I am equally pleased to see that the new liberal government – elected in May – kept it banned. So there is a political consensus against it, at least in France. This is a good thing […]

Why I am against fracking


Here is a smelly question : why are we putting together what Nature separates ? This is the question asked by a Swedish researcher about toilets. Putting urine and feces together is not a good idea as it is simply a waste of resources. Moreover, flushing with liters and liters […]

Here come the toilets of the future


I haven’t brought many good news lately. Likewise, I have blogged little on conservation issues. So please let me present you some good news on conservation, straight from Australia. To the WWF : ” WWF welcomed the new system of marine parks that would now cover more than one third […]

Australia creates world’s largest marine reserve

The Atlantic published an article under this title that points to another inconvenient truth: between the growing needs of an increasing population and climate change, water will soon come in short supply. To the first U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security :” by 2030 humanity’s annual global water […]

2030, the coming global water crisis

As China and Iceland signed last week a treaty on arctic oil and as a small spill declared in Russia, I thought it was appropriate to write about a previous article from Climate Progress on the risks of such practices. As Kiley Kroh noted there: ” Analysts at one of […]

Why drilling for oil in the Arctic is downright crazy

Last week the World Community Grid announced it was launching a new project that directly caught my attention, called Computing for Sustainable Water. As the article I received in my mail stated : ” Researchers at the University of Virginia are running the Computing for Sustainable Water project to study […]

Computing for sustainable water

For the third installment of the series – see the previous articles on heating and electricity – I would like to propose you a selection of the best tips to help you to decrease your water consumption. Water scarcity is a major problem today as many countries and regions of […]

Towards sustainability, reloaded : water

We have seen in 2010 with the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico that offshore oil exploitation could lead to dramatic pollutions. Now, we are learning the hard way that offshore natural gas exploitation can be foolhardy. As The Guardian noted : ” Oil giant Total has confirmed that a […]

Offshore natural gas exploitation isn’t safe either