The Oath Project, CSR at work

For my 1,400th post on this blog, let’s talk about corporate social responsibility. If Medical Doctors have their Hippocratic Oath and lawyers have their equivalent, isn’t it high time for managers around the world to have their own ? Corporate social responsibility – CSR for short – is more needed than ever as our planet …

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2050 and the consequences of inaction

” Humanity has witnessed unprecedented growth and prosperity in the past decades, with the size of the world economy more than tripling and population increasing by over 3 billion people since 1970. “ ” This growth, however, has been accompanied by environmental pollution and natural resource depletion. The current growth model and the mismanagement of …

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Prosperity without growth

Further to the discussion I had with Kiashu in the previous post, I thought a recent post from the Oil Drum would be appropriate to continue our discussion on why it seems we have to consume always more and if there are alternatives. A British organization wonders in it’s latest report if we can achieve …

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