Opinion : should we really all eat insects ?

While browsing the various sources I follow on Tumblr, I found an article that quite caught my attention : 7 insects you’ll be eating in the future. The article explains the nutritional values of bugs and how some experts believe we’ll have to resort to this. While I am fully aware that people from several regions …

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Over a billion hungry people

Thanks to my good friend Daryl from Verda Vivo – a must read blog – I came accross another worrying fact: the amount of hungry people around the world is increasing and to the FAO will reach a historic level with a billion people in 2009. I already blogged last year about this very topic …

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Towards sustainability: food

For the fifth part of these series – see the previous articles on heating, electricity, water and transport – I would like to tackle food in general. This is an important issue for both the health and the environment. At a time where weight issues keep on increasing – to the World Health Organization, there …

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Staying slim is good for the environment

These are the conclusions of a recent study carried out by two specialists from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. This was the topic of an interesting article my dad sent me on how obesity is bad for climate change. That’s right, on top of …

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