Five fruits and vegetables a day keeps the doctor away

There has been for quite some time a big communications campaign in France promoting eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day. While this might sound hard, it is actually very easy once you have gotten some key healthy habits.

Eating more healthily, less fat and sugary is extraordinary important nowadays as obesity has become an epidemic and is costing our societies billions if not trillions of Euros or Dollars.

Furthermore, staying healthy is not only good for us or for our societies, but also for the Planet ( or rather, our civilization… ). I advocated a long while back to ditch the chocolate snack and replace it by an apple. This is just one example.

Eating less meat and replacing it with cereals and vegetables is excellent for everyone. Our Western civilization has never been eating so much meat as it is doing now and this has led to scandals.

To help you in this endeavor, there are many articles out there on how to eat more fruits and veggies. Here are four of them :

I think that with all these tips you will significantly increase your fiber intake.

Last but not least, I believe starting to do a list of the fruits and veggies you eat everyday is interesting as well as it gives some accountancy on this key issue for our health.

I’ll come back soon with another article on this vital health issue, so stay tuned !

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