Fossil fuels

If you think air pollution is just a topic for daydreamers, leftists and treehuggers, please do read on. To the World Health Organization – via its International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC  – air pollution is now been linked to cancers. As Climate Progress notes, in 2010 alone, air […]

Air pollution now linked to cancer

The World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency is a key publication when it comes to energy and climate issues as it presents key indicators, facts and trends from renowned experts. This year the IEA outlined the importance of ending fossil fuels subsidies – which amounted to $544 billion […]

IEA World Energy Outlook 2013

Today’s two main topics are closely related, and this albeit they are taking place thousands of kilometers apart. The first one is of course the Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda that left death and devastation in its wake in the Philippines. To CNN, the Guardian and many other sources, at least […]

Death, devastation and climate discussions

What better kind of news than good ones ? So let’s start this month of November by something that will cheer you up as the fight against climate change and rising temperatures may well soon be reaching a turnaround moment. To a brand new report from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment […]

Global CO2 emissions increase slowed down in 2012

For my second post on Cleantechies in less than a week, I bring good news from my home country, France, as it is stepping away from polluting, nefarious and dangerous fossil fuels : shale oil and gas retrieved via fracking. ” I reported previously here on Cleantechies that in 2011 […]

France simply won’t give into fracking

The People’s Republic of China is in the middle of a very serious situation as it is struggling with horrendous air pollution which in the Northern provinces cut life expectancy by over five years. To avoid this from worsening even more, the local government has been investing heavily in the […]

China coal consumption could peak soon

As Japan is working on exploiting one day methane hydrates, I thought it would be appropriate for me to present you an article on this dirty and unconventional fossil fuel which is also referred to as burning ice. As I noted in a draft a while back : « Science […]

Methane hydrates : a pandora’s box ?

I have been committed since January 2007 to bring you each month a selection of the latest headlines and best researches on sustainable development, climate change and the world energy sector. However, I don’t blog as much as I would like to and generally write around 25 posts per month. […]

Worth an article – my April 2013 tweets

Fossil fuels are making less and less sense as renewable energies are becoming cheaper and cheaper and as climate change is becoming more and more serious. This is even more the case since we’ll have to leave most of it buried. The Guardian, the Financial Times and the Economist published […]

Investors : beware of the carbon bubble


Last week on Cleantechies, an article caught my attention. Titled ” What if We Never Run Out of Oil? “. The article made me think and I have to say I got quite mad at it as it is promoting fossil fiels just because they they are abundant. They might be, […]

Fossil fuels are abundant. So what ?

In another wake up call, the prestigious Paris-based International Energy Agency has called for a significant increase to clean up the global energy system as the effort ” has stalled “. As the IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven stated : “Despite much talk by world leaders, and despite […]

IEA : Cleantech is progressing too slowly