Corporate responsibility

This weekend the climate negotiations within the United Nations ended in Lima, Peru and most if not all media outlets are expressing their discontent and show how little real progress was achieved.

The Lima Minima : it’s up to us

According to a brilliant report published in 2013 by the WWF : ” The US corporate sector, excluding utilities, could capture up to US$190 billion in net savings in 2020 alone by reducing energy related emissions by 3.2 percent each year on average. “ ” Between 2010 and 2020, the […]

How companies could save money and our climate

While reading Richard Branson’s latest book, Screw Business As Usual, I came across an interesting concept : the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid. The term refers to the basic goods and services to sell to the poorest people. To a report from the World Resources Institute quoted in […]

The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

Story of solutions

Annie Leonard, of Story of Stuff fame did it all again and presented another great video on how we have to and can change the world. Called The Story of Solutions, it focuses on changing the end-game of MORE to a one focusing on BETTER. We have seen it already, […]

Annie Leonard presents the Story of Solutions


Richard Branson is the serial entrepreneur of genius behind Virgin. Having studied him in my management classes at Audencia back to 2006, I have to say that I really wanted to read his latest book, Screw Business As Usual. Having read it in a couple of days, I have to […]

Screw Business As Usual, by Richard Branson


Inspiring : that’s the adjective that comes to mind as I have just finished reading Cradle to Cradle, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. I had heard about that book for quite some time and I understand now why. The book  was written  in 2002 –with a 2008 reedition – […]

Book review : Cradle to cradle

To the Agence France Presse : ” The world’s third-largest paper producer Asia Pulp and Paper said Tuesday it had stopped using logs from Indonesia’s natural forests, after fierce campaigning by green groups against the company.” ” The firm has in recent years lost packaging contracts with big brands such […]

Major company to stop deforestating Indonesia