Using the most natural gas there is

What if we recycled absolutely everything ? We are on our way to recycle or valorize all kinds of wastes but what about the body ones ? If I had written about urine a few times, it wasn’t that frequent I wrote about… 

Climate Progress reported that England is ” Harnessing the ‘power locked in poo’” noting that this might be the most natural kind of gas there is :

“Processed poo” — or broken down sewage — is being turned into methane gas and helping power homes in the Birmingham area of England, according to a Bloomberg report this week.

The process, the report said, promises to help thousands of U.K. residents become able to turn on their stoves and cook dinner with a cost-saving renewable fuel produced from their own human waste.

“Although it’s a little unsavory, there’s lots and lots of power locked in poo,” Simon Farris, the renewable energy development manager for a company called Severt Trent, told Bloomberg in a statement. “And when that’s processed it’s perfect to generate clean renewable green gas.”

Why would we need natural gas from Russia or elsewhere when there is plenty of wasted energy in our wastewater treatment plants ?

Image credits : flickr. 

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