Majority of Mankind to face water shortage by 2050

Back to May, a group of water scientists issued a declaration stating that over half the world population would face water shortage by the middle of the century.Given how we just can’t live without the precious fluid, let’s hope we will act. The main causes are known : over-pumping of underground aquifers, soaring populations, pollution, …

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Turning urine into electricity

I recently wrote a post on how we could turn urine and feces into energy thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I also wrote about some similar efforts that are being done in Singapore. Now, according to Grist and Ecogeek, four African teenage girls created a generator that runs on pee, turning one …

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Future fuels: forget about oil

I came across interesting articles on what could be the fuels for our cars and planes in the future. This is for the moment just research, but there is no doubt that with peak oil approaching, alternatives are being sought. Even if most if not all cars nowadays run on gas, they could well soon …

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