A cold home is bad for your health

My uncles always say that a warm home is the first comfort when it comes to housing. They are quite right as to Mother Nature Network, a frigid place can mean much more than feeling cold.

MNN thus recommends indoor temperatures of at least 17.5°C ( 64 degrees Fahrenheit ) or 21°C for houses with infants, elderly people and frail individuals.

The article goes on by outlining the problems you may expose yourself . These include respiratory problems, poor sleep, vulnerability to colds and flu, arthritis pain and last but surely not least : heart disease…

So all of a sudden I am even more eager to make our houses warmer. This has been my ” cheval de bataille “ (hobby horse) for nearly a decade and having found yet another reason for it makes me quite happy.

A fifth of the French population – the fifth largest economy – is feeling cold in winter or have problems paying their heating bills. I don’t see this keeping on going. Time for some change !

Image credits : Flickr

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