No (good) news from the Bonn Climate Talks

Here we go again… New climate talks, same disappointment. Preliminary talks took place in Bonn, Germany, to discuss the future of the Kyoto Protocol, which will end next year. To the Guardian, the negotiations aren’t progressing :

Even if they are making progress on ” technical issues “, countries are ” still nowhere near agreement in the three key areas of finance, greenhouse gas emission cuts and the future of the Kyoto protocol. “

Most if not all countries see the current financial and economic crises as excuses for delaying action when they are contrarily to what they think reasons to push the cleantech and energy revolution forward !

Meanwhile, climate is deteriorating faster and faster.

Since the beginning of the year we have had so many floods and drought on so many continents that it is absolutely scary. Here are some articles I wrote this year about the situation in Australia, the United States, continental Europe, India, China…

All these countries and regions should be doing their utmost to prevent the worst to occur. Instead, they are slowing down their action or just keep haggling…

I am generally a very optimistic person – some even think a little irrealistic – but I am getting scared. What do you think ?

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