Australia faces floods of “biblical proportions”

2010 saw horrific climate events with floods in Pakistan, wild fires in Russia and the Xynthia storm in France. It was also the hottest year ever recorded. Will 2011 be the same ?

It seems it could be the case as Australia is already facing floods of “biblical proportions” as 1.8 million square kilometers (more than France and Germany combined) have been affected.

Extreme weather events are now occurring more and more often and on all continents. It will get worse. But if we keep stalling greenhouse gases emissions reductions, it will get much much worse.

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  1. as a descendant of vintners and landed people, i have lived by and of the weather, clouds and birds, winds and seasons, my guides anywhere on earth. it amazes me to note that most folks do not plan their lives around the eventuality of weather; as if air conditioning and heaters has killed their instincts.

    comfort atrophies reasoning, and leads to abuse of natural principles. only when education restores conscience will the next generation apply the basic laws necessary to protect from further damage to the atmosphere we all live in–not the little urban bubble the majority of developed countries have imagined.

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