A dry and hot April over Europe

France and the whole European continent are currently at risk of a huge drought as little to no rain fell in April. This could have serious implications for harvests as Bloomberg notes :

European wheat and rapeseed crops are “in jeopardy” after an “incredibly dry” April, agricultural weather forecaster said. (…) Wheat and rapeseed in France, Germany and the U.K. are ready to deteriorate rapidly, without rain.”

One of my oldest and best friends is thinking – jokingly, as always – about rain dancing. Let’s hope we won’t have to resort to these kinds of things for water in the near future.

Here are further details :

Farmers said up to 50% of grass and crops destined to feed livestock could be lost because historically-low rainfall has produced ground conditions not normally seen until mid-summer.

More than ten departments have introduced water restrictions already, banning the watering of public green spaces and people from filling up swimming pools.

(To see the list visit the Ministry of Ecologie site)

Up to 58% of reservoirs in France are already below normal water levels, according to the ministry, which will hold a meeting on May 16 to discuss the issue. Underground water supplies are also affected.

“We are clearly ahead (in terms of drought measures) by comparison with previous years,” said a spokesman for the ministry.

The north of France was seeing a level of drought not experienced for 50 years according to Météo France.

While it was impossible to say the situation was directly caused by climate change, a spokesman for Météo France said droughts were part of “expected changes” as a result of global warming.

April 2011 was the hottest April in France since 1900 according to the weather forecaster.

If you read French, here are more details from www.notre-planete.info

2 thoughts on “A dry and hot April over Europe”

  1. weather patterns have drastically shifted, although much climate change can be expected, it is not convenient for farmers..the summer of our inconvenience” a sad season to prepare for–banks, farms, restaurants and schools, all institutions and the poorer among us..floods in south and drought in north here..extremes become the new normal with great consequence–
    what was that you once said? carbon reduction NOW..we keep spoiling air and water and use high carbons for energy…so shall we quit complaining about climatic disasters and exit gracefully then..

  2. It hasn’t rained here in Paris for weeks. (except for a few droplets here and there…)

    26 departments are in alert for drought (that’s a quarter of the country)

    I don’t know if we will tackle climate change before it tackles us…

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