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According to a study from the European Environment Agency, the World Health Organization and the European Commission the EU is warming faster than other regions. This report also provides further data on rising sea levels and temperatures forecasts which are higher than the one given last year by the specialists […]

Europe is warming faster than other regions


This is the amount we literally dumped in our atmosphere last year alone and this keeps on increasing according to new research carried out by the Global Carbon Project. It’s no surprise as I evoked it earlier, but this new study provides further data and details according to countries (or […]

10 billion tonnes of carbon

This month was particularly rich in beautiful pictures of celestial objects proposed as usual by the NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) So instead of proposing you eight pictures like I generally do, I chose ten photographs of nebulae, galaxies and the likes that are worth using as a […]

Great astrophotographies – September 2008


… you should have a look at the image on the left. Drilling offshore won’t solve the various problems. Similarly, drilling the Arctic oil won’t improve the situation either. The situation seems hopeless ? It is not, as energy efficiency is a solution that can address the problem permanently and […]

If you think that offshore drilling is a solution…


According to a previous article from TreeHugger, up to a third of China’s greenhouse gases emissions (and pollution) is due to the manufacturing of the goods we buy. So, if China became the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter with a quarter of the total, it is partly because of us […]

We’re responsible for a third of China’s pollution

The French national utility Electricité de France – known as EDF – is beginning to take over the UK company British Energy for an estimated cost of 15.7 billion Euros (or $23 billion). According to the Financial Times quoted below, this is the largest international expansion plan for EDF. The […]

EDF takes over British Energy for 15.7 billion €

You perhaps read it before somewhere else as I am pretty late on this, but Arctic sea ice melt to a worrying extent this summer and almost beat last year’s record. But according to the people from the WWF, the extent may not be as small as last year, but […]

Arctic ice keeps on melting more and more…


Yesterday took place a historic event as oil prices gained no less than $25 in a single day to settle finally at $120. Since my last post on this topic, oil prices neared $150 to go back to $90 last week. This important volatility makes it harder to rely on […]

Oil prices jumped $25 in a single day


Last weeks were horrendous for our financial institutions and economies. Many concerns arise in Europe and around the world over GDP growth which is due to be low in 2008 and 2009. What if building a greener and more sustainable world actually brought economic growth, millions of jobs and most […]

A green recovery for our economies is possible

Just as Marguerite was complaining on her blog about the waste lying on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, the United Nations are launching this week-end an initiative to tackle the problem. Indeed, today’s is the sixteenth Clean Up the World week-end and events are organized by the UN in over […]

Cleaning up the world with the United Nations


You perhaps don’t know it but swimming is by far my favorite sport. This is to the point that I seriously consider having one day my own pool to daily swim a kilometer of breaststroke. One of the problems faced by swimming pools – besides using a lot of water, […]

Natural swimming pools


After Germany, it seems that the whole European Union is willing to steps back on its support to biofuels as they are one of the main reason for the recent riots of hunger. First generation biofuels’ use are competing directly with the traditional consumption of cereals: food. Even worse, some […]

The European Union steps back on biofuels