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If you wanted to access this website between last Thursday and this morning, you noticed it wasn’t properly working. As I just brought back my articles, everything is as brand new again. is back, for good

Pr. Socolow and Pacala, in their stabilization wedges theory and their website ( the Climate Mitigation Initiative ) invite people to pick up their own wedges to create their own solution. I chose mine and explain my choices.

My choice of stabilization wedges

Science et Vie, one of the magazines I read, is a wonderful source of data. Albeit the fact I am no scientist and I don’t got any scientific degree, I always have been largely interested by hard sciences. It begun with my interest for astronomy.

Climate change to alter the cycle of seasons


Pour mon premier article en Français pour ce blog, je vais parler d’un sujet qui me tient à coeur depuis la rédaction de mon mémoire de Master. L’isolation des logements est ainsi selon moi une priorité dans la lutte contre le changement climatique. Nous verrons ici pourquoi.

Article en Français. De l’isolation des logements

I came across a very interesting website today via an article from Les Echos. This page is about peak oil, the point where half of oil reserves will be used up and according to this source, it should occur around 2015, ie. in less than ten years. David Strahan, the […]

Peak oil is near… around 2015 !

The IPCC paper shows the existence of numerous solutions to mitigate and even stop climate change. Here are some of them that can, and have to, be putted in place before 2030.

Solutions from the IPCC report

As I wrote here on Friday, below is a short version of the Summary of Policymakers of the third Working Group of AR4. Those pages concern the mitigation of climate change. We will see it is still time to act and hope remains.

Conclusions of Working Group III of AR4