Now a sustainable MBA graduate, for hire !

It has been two months without me publishing anything, but, having completed my Master of Business Administration from Presidio Graduate School with specializations in sustainable energy and finance, I am now for hire. Here is a brief recap of what I have been up to lately:

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Energy and the healthcare sector

This article is a slightly re-written assignment I had to write for my Certficate in Sustainable Energy Solutions at Pinchot University. Hope you will like it !

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Our energy landscape abounds with missed opportunities

For my Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions we have had classes all year long on various topics such as renewable energy, water, waste, heat and more. Every month we have indeed been privileged to talk to guest speakers who are specialists in their respective areas.

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Another dream job : the Chief Utility Officer

It is no secret, as I am celebrating my first year in the United States, I am very happy with my new life : Great MBA allowing me to learn a lot, meet many fantastic people, and reaching one of my lifelong goals and callings, having an impact on climate change.

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Can France achieve 15 GW of solar PV capacity by 2020 ?

To Cleantechnica : ” A study recently published by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) suggests that France’s Solar PV target for 2020 should be 15 GW instead of its current 5.4 GW. “ ” According to ADEME, solar PV has the potential to reach grid parity in France in the coming few years, and therefore is … Read more

Huge success for Bangladeshi solar company

A solar powered shop in BangladeshThe huge blackout in India that affected 700 million people earlier this month has taught us a valuable lesson : big coal fired plants failed and little solar installations delivered to the point to they look like a no-brainer.

Given this, it is more than probable than the India government will be willing to increase even more its plan for photovoltaic energy and other renewables as it may install 40 GW of solar by 2022.

If they are looking for a successful example, they might not have to look no further than next door, in Bangladesh.

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Cleantech is the next great investment opportunity

Even today too many people are still believing that cleantech isn’t making financial sense. Some others think that we the current crisis, we can’t spend money on futilities. Here is a post that could make them change their minds. The Green Market Blog collected forecasts and the prospects are enthusing as “ the global market … Read more

For algae biofuels, it’s all about patience

Will your car – or mine, or any vehicle – be powered one day by algae ? Despite this solution being a great one compared to more traditional biofuels, we will have to be (really) patient as GigaOM notes : ” In 2010, Pike Research predicted that by 2020, the algae biofuel industry would only … Read more

Coal decreases in US electricity mix

TreeHugger recently rejoiced as for the first time in over thirty years, coal has accounted for less than 40 percent of the local electricity mix. This is good news as coal is the most greenhouse gases emitting fossil fuel. This steady and continuous decrease can be explained mainly by the increased production of local natural … Read more

Renewables are the solution for 1.6 billion people

I already blogged about it : 1.6 billion people still have no access to electricity in the world today. This is a huge problem as it prevents them from getting out of their most abject poverty.

Since fossil fuels are getting more and more expensive, the solution relies in renewables as the cost of implanting huge electricity grids throughout Africa and Asia to reach small villages here and there would be huge.

Solar panels can be installed on roofs, wind turbines in nearby fields. Leapfrogging technology has already been done in poor countries as they accessed mobile phones.

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Hawaii could be entirely powered by geothermal

Could Hawaii be entirely powered by geothermal, just like Iceland ? To Industry Intelligence : ” Hawaii Island has geothermal potential of 500 to 700 MW, enough to easily exceed its energy demand of 90 to 185 MW “ You think this would be a  senseless move ? Think again, to the report carried out … Read more

The international year of sustainable energy for all

Here is why cleantech will be a buzzword all throughout 2012 : the United Nations declared this year will be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. As Catherine Banet notes on her blog : ” (the) aim is twofold: increase awareness and find solutions on access to energy (with the objective of universal … Read more

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