Now a sustainable MBA graduate, for hire !

It has been two months without me publishing anything, but, having completed my Master of Business Administration from Presidio Graduate School with specializations in sustainable energy and finance, I am now for hire. Here is a brief recap of what I have been up to lately:


My capstone project for Town and Country Markets, a local grocery store chain in the Puget Sound region, has enabled the company to save 12 percent on the annual electricity bill for one of its stores, a $25,000 cut… This was achieved by analyzing financial and energy data.

Using the Monte Carlo simulation method allowed me to calculate the profitability of the investments carried out in refrigeration (new system as well as doors on fridges) but also with the solar photovoltaic array that was installed on the store’s roof.

Sustainable energy has changed a lot lately as many technologies are enabling significant savings such as energy efficiency, demand response technology and energy management, energy storage as well as renewables. Calculating the potential yields of such investments can be tricky and I am glad I got a first forray into this fascinating and booming sector.


Meanwhile, my last MBA class was on Sustainable Investing with Natasha Lamb, her husband Adam and Adam Seitchick. The three of them are brilliant professionals in this field and are spearheading something that I had never heard of before, shareholder engagement with their firm, Arjuna Capital.

Having grown to enjoy working on the financial aspects of energy – especially business modelling and the aforementioned Monte Carlo method – I was pleased to see that what can be called Green Finance is booming these days. My research for the green bonds article have shown this.  Given both the staggering lack of financing to combat climate change and the growth in that sector, the prospects for employment there are interesting.


This MBA adds up to a previous Master in International Management (2006) from Audencia Business School, in Nantes, France, one of the top business schools in Europe. Between the two degrees I have worked in Marketing and Communications in various companies, countries and languages. Given my ten-year experience in blogging on energy and my MBA, I am more interested in working on sustainable energy and climate change issues. The past three years have seen me working solely in energy.


If these developments interest you and you would like to meet or chat to learn out more, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by leaving a comment below or via the various social media I am active on. I look forward to reading from you.

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  1. Thanks Nadine !

    There is so much to be done. The magnitude of the change in the energy sector this days is comparable to what is taking place with our climate. Which side will win ? It is too early to tell but I am ready to make a difference, more than ever !

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