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Happy birthday EU !

A very short note just to state that the European Union is fifty today. Indeed, 50 years ago, on March 25th 1957, the Treaty of Rome established the European Economic Community (or EEC), the ancestor of the EU as we know it today.

A “planetary emergency”

These are the terms used yesterday to describe climate change by Al Gore in front of the US Congress. Mr. Gore is a former vice-president of the USA and is an environmentalist with huge conviction. He released last year “An inconvenient truth“, a film that contributes to mass awareness of the threat represented by climate …

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The hottest winter ever recorded worldwide

A US meteorological agency released this week a study stating that the winter we had this year was the hottest since data exists. Indeed, according to the study done by NOAA : “December 2006 – February 2007 temperatures were above average in Europe, Asia, western Africa, southeastern Brazil, and the northeast half of the United …

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European fast train line inaugurated today

The French fast line train for the East of Europe (known here as the TGV Est Européen) due to start in June and inaugurated today will bring Paris to Stuttgart or Frankfurt in only 3 hours and 30 minutes against 6 hours previously. Major cities like Strasbourg or Reims will also benefit from shorter transportation …

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Brazil and the threat of climate change

It seems that more and more countries or regions of the world are becoming aware of the danger that climate change might be for them. In an article published on the International Herald Tribune (website | article) one can learn that new local scientific studies assessed the various outcomes that global warming might bring there.

EU to use 20 percent of renewables for energy by 2020

After the EU Council that concluded today in Brussels, the European Union, which will be 50 this month, is becoming the world leader in the fight against climate change. According to Reuters, the President of the European Commission Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso said the agreement today represented “the most ambitious package ever agreed by any …

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EU Council meeting on energy and climate

The EU Council is meeting today and the major discussion subjects are energy and climate. This meeting is done under the German presidency. German people are generally against nuclear and want to stop their nuclear plants in the very coming years. The discussions today are a lot about the place nuclear energy should take in …

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Diesel advertising on climate change

Diesel, the famous Italian designer clothing company based its new advertising company on global warming, also referred as climate change. The official website gives an idea of the ads. One can see on these ads parrots in Venice, Italy ; a tropical flora in Paris or a beach at Mount Rushmore and so on… The …

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