60 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated

On January 30th 1948, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as the Mahatma or Bapu (Father), was assassinated.

60 years later, India is paying homage to the father of the country and some of his ashes are scattered in the Arabian sea near Mumbaï.

I never speak about news events, but as I studied enough the Mahatma to be impressed by his life, I will do so today.

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Happy birthday Sputnik !

sputnik-stamp-ussr.jpgFifty years ago, on October fourth, 1957, the first human-made satellite begun its orbiting around our planet.

This was a major event as it launched a race to space between the two super powers of this era, the United States and the USSR. (now the Russian Federation).

The image of the day by the NASA (APOD) is of course dedicated to this anniversary and several newspapers talked about it.

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A controversy on low-energy light bulbs

cfl.jpgI have been reading and enjoying for some months the Business of green blog from the IHT. The RSS feeds of this blog are displayed on my sidebar.

Today I was reading their latest article “Do low energy light bulbs work?” and I felt like giving my humble opinion on that matter and posted a comment.

After some time, my reaction is now online and I got to admit that it is a thrilling sensation to read myself elsewhere than on this little blog.

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UN versus US views on climate change mitigation

usavsun.jpgLast week, the United States announced that they are willing to mitigate global warming by setting voluntary goals.

Meanwhile many countries – including the European Union – met within the United Nations to tackle the future of the Kyoto Protocol.

So is it good or bad news ? As we will see in this article, there are some good and some bad.

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La C-Cactus, un prototype hybride chez Citroën

c-cactus.jpgLe secteur des transports est une des principales sources d’émission de dioxyde de carbone, il est donc important de trouver des solutions dans ce domaine.

Alors quand Citroën présente lors du salon de l’automobile de Francfort un prototype qui émet moins de 80 g de CO2 par km, la nouvelle ne peut qu’être saluée.

La C-Cactus est hybride avec une motorisation diesel, et certains la pressentent déjà comme la 2 CV du futur.

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Launch of the Global Climate Change Alliance

The European Union will give a minimum of 50 million € (and up to 300 million) between 2008 and 2010 to developing countries.

This will be done in order to enable these countries to cope with climate change related events and to reduce both local poverty and greenhouse gases emissions.

Actions will notably include the reduction of deforestation and the promotion of energy efficient technologies.

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The thirty most polluted places in the world

blacksmith_institute_report.jpg The Blacksmith Institute, an environmental NGO from the United States, released this month a report on the 30 most polluted places on Earth.

Of the top ten, two are located in China, two in India, two in Russia and another two in the former Soviet bloc. Among the locations is Chernobyl in Ukraine.

As we will see, some sites affect the lives of million people.

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APEC agrees on climate change

apec.jpgLast week, the countries of the Asia Pacific region (APEC) committed themselves to curb their greenhouse gases emissions by working on energy efficiency, renewables and the management of forests.

A good news as this group of countries holds 41 percent of the population and comprises the United States and China, the world top greenhouse gases emitters.

However, the goal that was set is too little and do not includes restraints, but it is still a step in the right direction. I will detail here this news that is truly encouraging.

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Toyota and EDF to propose electric cars

toyota_edf_car.jpgThe car maker Toyota and the French company EDF will soon propose a network of plug-in points and sockets to fill up hybrid cars with electricity.

French electricity is mostly carbon dioxide free (78 percent of nuclear and 10 percent hydro), so electric cars would prove to be a good thing to mitigate climate change.

This plan will concern all Europe and will begin this fall with cars of EDF’s fleet that will test drive these hybrid cars under every-day conditions.

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A Ratatouille advertisement promotes energy efficiency

ratatouille_remy.jpgThe US Department of Energy recently released a 30-second TV advertisement featuring Pixar’s latest film, Ratatouille.

This video urges people to turn to low consumption light bulbs and to a more energy efficient living in order “to power and secure America’s future”.

I really liked this advertisement as the goal it is aiming at is exactly what we need now, to use energy in a more efficient way that we are currently doing. Read out more and discover the DOE press release.

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Mexico invests three billion USD in wind energy

mexico.jpgThe Mexican government plans to invest up to three billion US Dollars (2.18 billion €) in the next three years in wind power. This will be done in order to generate up to 2,000 megawatts (MW).

The Ministry of Energy will team up with local companies to implement wind turbines throughout the country.

Seven companies engaged themselves to produce 1492 MW by 2010. This is an excellent news and I will give more information about it here.

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Résumé du mois d’août 2007

aout2007.jpgLe mois dernier fut marqué par de nombreux évènements en relation avec l’énergie, le changement climatique et le développement durable.

On a parlé notamment du regain d’intérêt du nucléaire avec les Etats-Unis et l’Inde qui veulent construire des dizaines de réacteurs et d’un projet des Nations Unies qui a permis de planter des millions d’arbres en une journée.

Je vous propose une sélection d’autres faits marquants qui ont émaillé ce mois d’août.

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