Happy New Year 2024 !

Time flies faster than ever for me but I wouldn’t miss the occasion to wish you all a happy and sustainable 2024.

Today marks the 17th anniversary of my starting this blog. Even if readership is not exactly on par with my expectations, this endeavor has been a resounding success as it allowed me to 1. Keep on practicing English thru the years ; 2. Document myself on sustainabiilty and ; 3. Spread the word on all these topics.

2023 was a very important year for me as I started a new job as energy transition and sustainability advisor for the local healthcare sector. This brought me closer to family and brings me to a level of responsibility more on par with my education.

On a global scale, last year brought some change too. Some quite good, some bad. We are still collectively not decreasing our greenhouse gases emissions but we are getting closer. So close that analysts say that 2024 may mark the beginning of the end for fossil fuels.

On these exciting new prospects – the energy transition is happening, despite all the efforts from petrostates and Big Oil – I look forward to bringing you up to date with the latest developments on sustainability and much more for another year.

Image credits : Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash.

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