World Community Grid

As you might perhaps have read in an earlier blog post, I am giving part of my computer calculation capacities to scientific projects close to my heart such as cancers, AIDS and of course, solar energy via the World Community Grid. As I was wondering if all this energy – […]

How I helped make better solar panels, and how you ...

Last week the World Community Grid announced it was launching a new project that directly caught my attention, called Computing for Sustainable Water. As the article I received in my mail stated : ” Researchers at the University of Virginia are running the Computing for Sustainable Water project to study […]

Computing for sustainable water

After three months of crunching numbers for the World Community Grid on solar panels, better water, aids and cancer, I am joining their new project due to combat malaria. Here is why you should join the fight : “ Malaria is one of the three deadliest infectious diseases on earth […]

World Community Grid : GO Fight Against Malaria

A post from TreeHugger got me thinking : why wouldn’t I give some of my computer time to help advancing research ? I had written about this almost three years ago, and being looking for a job, I often have a computer running. So, a month ago, on August 2nd, […]

Giving some of my computer time for science

If you let your computer idle while you are away or asleep, you might consider to allow Harvard and IBM to use it to do calculations for the Clean Energy Project, which is part of the World Community Grid. Due to find new ways to create more efficient solar photovoltaïc […]

Help in finding new solar technologies