Google invests $3.2 billion in Nest Labs

This was the big news of the week in the cleantech sphere, Google has bought Nest Labs for a massive $3.2 billion (2.34 billion euros). Nest is famous for its smart thermostat, which I wrote about in November 2011. Google is thus investing massively in the smart connected home market. As Cleantechies remarks, the company … Read more

Towards sustainability, reloaded

Back to 2009, I had started – but not finished – a series due to help you going towards sustainability. I am proposing you to re-publish it this year and finish it. This series’ goal is to help you cut your carbon and environmental footprint.

I must have four times more subscribers, so hopefully this will reach and help more of you. Please let me know if you have other tips and / or if these ones are actually helping you.

I am starting today with the first one, on heating as it is behind an important part of the energy consumption of buildings, this is where we begin.

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Smart thermostat programs itself to save energy

You would think that the inventor of the iPod would rest and enjoy the money he made afterwards. Well, he isn’t and this is great news for all of us as Tony Fadell invented a smart thermostat, the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Knowing that we adjust thermostats up to 1,500 per year and that over 10 million thermostats are sold each year in the U.S. alone, he started a new company which is now selling these great, design appliances.

Cleantechies notes that these thermostats sell for $249 and save up to $173 per year. It thus have a return on investment of less than a year and a half !

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