Emissions in United States rebounded in 2013

US emissions rebounded in 2013This was a major setback for me last week, US greenhouse gases emissions related to energy rose two percent in 2013 compared to 2012. To the US EIA this is due to ” a small increase in coal consumption in the electric power sector. “

” Coal has regained some market share from natural gas since a low in April 2012 “ This is explained by decreased coal prices and rising natural gas prices as the Los Angeles Times reported.

Overall, US emissions are still around ten percent lower than in 2005. President Obama goal’s is to have 17 percent lower emissions in 2020.

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RGGI to cut emissions by 45 percent

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The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was started a few years ago to cut greenhouse gases emissions in nine Northeastern States in the USA. As I noted previously, it has been so far a great success. But it is ready for more. As the New York Times reports : ” The regional group proposed a 45 … Read more

RGGI slashes emissions in northern US states

Do you remember my enthusiastic post last year on a US “cap-and-invest” program, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (or RGGI) ? Well, it seems that it worked really well. To Climate Progress, the power sector of the nine participating states have slashed its emissions by 23 percent in only three years thanks to the decreased … Read more

RGGI : A great American initiative on efficiency

According to the NRDC : ” ten northeastern and mid-Atlantic states are working together to shift their energy dollars to cleaner, local, job-creating resources “ through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

” RGGI is a “cap-and-invest” program whereby the states set a regional limit on carbon pollution, sell pollution permits, and invest most of the proceeds in energy efficiency and other clean-energy technologies.

Given the most encouraging results in only two years (the program generated $789 million, or 555 million euros, so far), I hope this great idea will be spread to the entire United States.

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