Here is another post I wrote for Cleantechies. This times I am having a look at teleworking, an interesting practice to slash carbon dioxide while increasing well-being. Here is the introduction : ” According to a new study, 16.7 percent of French employees were teleworking at least once a week […]

Over four million French employees telework

Here is another post I wrote for Cleantechies, this time on energy conservation : ” Even after the election of François Hollande as President of France, an energy conservation measure of the previous government will be implemented.” ” The Sarkozy government wanted to require shops and offices to turn off […]

France unveils measures to decrease energy use

Cleantech and sustainability is not only about energy efficiency and renewables, it is also about how we move around. So my latest piece for Cleantechies is about traffic congestion. Here is the introduction : ” According to a new study carried out by the English Centre of Economics and Business, […]

The huge cost of traffic congestion

A Citroen C3 Stop and start 1

A great innovation I have seen on French cars recently is called Stop and start. Peugeot Citroen (PSA) started selling this anti-idling technology as early as 2006. The gains in urban driving are no less than ten percent… Indeed, thanks to start-stop systems, the internal combustion engine is automatically shut […]

Start-stop systems are simple, yet brilliant

The building I live in (Google maps)

My current apartment in Valenciennes – Northern France – is located in a recent building (2000). And far from me the idea of bragging, but until temperatures dropped below zero (Celcius) I almost didn’t not use my electric heaters. My flat has double glazing windows and quite well insulated thick […]

The importance of good insulation

François Hollande

I have to admit that I am a tad, a wee bit, late on that as this post should have been published in September. Anyway, here is my latest Cleantechies post, dedicated to the green roadmap of the new French government. Anyway, here is the introduction : ” In September, […]

New French President outlines his green policies

Agroforestry in France 3

Today I am starting a series of articles about planting trees. Here we shall focus on agroforestry, next week we shall delve on the benefits of urban forestry and to conclude, in two weeks, we shall have a look at the Billion Tree Campaign. If some have “Drill baby drill” […]

” Plant, baby, plant ” Episode 1, Agroforestry

I was pleased to see the previous French conservative government had banned fracking and I am equally pleased to see that the new liberal government – elected in May – kept it banned. So there is a political consensus against it, at least in France. This is a good thing […]

Why I am against fracking


I wasn’t planning to write anything about it last week, but the football game opposing France and Ukraine during the Euro was interrupted by torrential rain. This was the first according to commentators. Now, many events related to the Fête de la Musique have been canceled in the North and […]

Climate change probably disrupted popular events


The French TV channel France 5 dedicates a week to food waste [Fr]. This is due to sensitize people as French people throw away a staggering 21 percent of the food they buy. What a shame ! This amounts to six million tonnes of wasted food, up to twenty kilograms […]

French people waste food too…


Are we finally getting things right on climate change ? Not completely, but what happened last week may be a good omen for the Rio +20 conference. As I noted in a post published yesterday on Cleantechies : ” Further to the Camp David meeting last week, G8 leaders agreed […]

G8 leaders agree to act on climate, air pollution

” According to the French utility EDF, the French solar PV capacity reached in March 3,000 MW, with over 2672 MW in mainland France and 339 MW in Corsica and overseas.” ” According to the data : the total capacity grew by 15 percent this semester in metropolitan France. An […]

French solar PV capacity hits 3,000 MW