To CleanTechnica, a new film developed by HyperSolar, a Californian company, could halve the costs of solar panels and boost their efficiency by 300 percent. The film would replace the sheet of glass currently used with solar PV panels. “With HyperSolar as the top layer, manufacturers can use significantly fewer […]

Solar film increases efficiency by 300%

Are the United States staying idle in the climate change fight ? At the federal level, it seems to be the case. But at the State level, the situation is different as more and more of them are moving forward. Indeed, as CleanTechnica notes that ” Massachusetts joins California and […]

3 US States to cut emissions by 25 % below ...


To the Huffington Post : ” California progressives have demonstrated that we have the power to deliver a resounding defeat to the big oil companies, if we fight on our own terms and harness the power of the grassroots.” ” Proposition 23, had it passed, would have effectively repealed the […]

Californians voted NO on Prop 23


While the US federal government is still haggling about a climate and energy bill, the richest state is willing to have a third of its electricity coming from solar, wind and the likes by the end of the decade. The local government points to the fact that this will decrease […]

Californian electricity to be 33 % renewables

One of the main hindrances of solar energy is that when there is no more sun, there is no more electricity as well. This problem is being solved with the molten salt technology which stores energy for seven hours. A Californian company is willing to build a 150 Megawatt plant […]

Storing solar electricity with molten salt


In these times of heat waves – it was 37°C here in France yesterday  – we all know that solar energy can heat places but it seems the sun could also cool them down thanks to air conditioning. Even if this is not entirely new as I read about such […]

Why solar air conditioning is a fantastic idea

I never write about renewable energy projects who will bring only a few megawatts to the grids.  I prefer to focus on huge plants that will bring at least several hundreds megawatts which are more interesting in a global scope. This is the case of two projects I heard about […]

Two massive renewable energies projects


I was reading the Arctic Circle, the comics strip (left) provided by the Daily Green, and this reminded me I never wrote about what is referred to as the Pacific Trash Vortex. Spreading from California to Japan and Hawaii, it is the world’s largest dump and the biggest sign – […]

Plastic, a curse of our time

Last week, the French weekly Challenges translated a very interesting article from the magazine The Economist. It handled the climate change approach of the most populated US State with its nearly 36 million inhabitants. The Golden State alone would be the eighth world economic power. California is often mentioned as […]

California : a climate change example