Californian electricity to be 33 % renewables

While the US federal government is still haggling about a climate and energy bill, the richest state is willing to have a third of its electricity coming from solar, wind and the likes by the end of the decade.

The local government points to the fact that this will decrease the dependence on foreign fossil fuels, improve air quality and create jobs. This is not what I call a gloomy prospect

I don’t understand why not all US States are following their example. This is the boldest plan in the United States. (Colorado comes second)

Currently, a major part of Californian electricity comes from natural gas (between 30 and 40 percent) and hydro power (from ten to 20 percent).

Nuclear brings to the grids around 15 percent of the local electricity and people are less against this energy source than by the past. A similar proportion is brought by renewables.

Could it be replicated to the whole United States ? We have seen extensively that the US can slash their coal consumption by that date and that energy efficiency has a huge potential to reduce emissions.

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