Californians voted NO on Prop 23

To the Huffington Post : ” California progressives have demonstrated that we have the power to deliver a resounding defeat to the big oil companies, if we fight on our own terms and harness the power of the grassroots.”

” Proposition 23, had it passed, would have effectively repealed the state’s landmark global warming law. California is the world’s 12th largest emitter of greenhouse gases”

” Its global warming law, passed in 2006, mandates the largest legislated reductions in greenhouse gases in the world. “

Still to the Huff Po :

What’s more, if implemented, California’s global warming law sets a new floor for national standards once the push for federal legislation is renewed. Our California law is stronger than the extremely compromised bill that was offered in the Senate and is much closer to what scientists say is necessary to begin to blunt the effects of climate change.

Valero and Tesoro, two Texas oil companies, provided the majority of funding for Proposition 23 and the effort to effectively repeal California’s climate change law. The measure appears to be going down in defeat tonight by a wide margin.

This is the first big victory of the people against Big Oil and Big Coal lobbies. Let’s hope there will be more as we need to pass many more laws promoting cleantech and climate change.

2 thoughts on “Californians voted NO on Prop 23”

  1. it is only by chipping consistently at the bedrock of ignorance of natural laws that we can erode the industrial age roadblock to correcting the polluting model of modern living.
    california leads the states efforts at setting appropriate limits and safeguards.
    people are beginning to think beyond the corporate sale’s pitch.

  2. Yes and it is about time !

    I am really glad that dirty Big Oil lies aren’t heard anymore. I hope this brings the signal for a new world for cleantech.

    Unfortunately with more Republicans in power, this will be extremely difficult.

    Thank for you continuous support Nadine, it is really appreciated 😉

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