Our Kickstarter is now funded !

Good news everyone ! Our Kickstarter campaign collected up to $36,753, overshooting by more than 20 percent our fundraising goals. As you can imagine, all of us are pretty grateful and excited. Be sure that I will keep you posted on the development of the company and its promising technology.

Announcing our Kickstarter campaign

I have the pleasure to announce you all that the biogas project I have been working with classmates this summer is now being funded on Kickstarter. After working in Colombia on large scale biogas projects, I have been lucky to work for the past three months with classmates from Pinchot University, Srirup Kumar and Joe McNulty, on a small scale biodigestor.

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6.5 million people ( and I )

Green jobs now !This is the amount of people that are currently working in the renewable energy industries according to a recent report from the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency )

Bioenergy ( everything from liquid biofuels to modern biomass and biogas ) have the largest contingency with 2.5 million people (with 1.4 million, 0.8 million and 0.3 million respectively)

Additionally 2.3 million people are working in the solar photovoltaic sector and 800 000 more work in the wind sector.

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The energy transition has reached the French countryside

The Lorraine countrisde in summerWhile I was away for a few days in the Lorraine village where my mom’s family comes from, I noticed a few hints that the energy transition is already taking place and has reached even this quite secluded place.

The first one was both solar thermal and photovoltaic panels sprouting on roofs. While I counted a handful in a few streets, the mayor assured me that around eight were already installed and more would be in the next months.

Only a few years ago there were only one installation and I have been quite impressed by how rapidly they appeared on many different roofs.

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A glimpse at the farms of the future

I am fortunate to have half of my family living in the countryside with family members working as farmers. I believe this enabled me to discover the marvels of Nature at a young age.

While working one sunny afternoon in April  I was reflecting with one of my uncles that the cow manure collected daily at their farm would be an excellent energy source in a world where oil prices would have skyrocketed.

It seems the idea is not that far-fetched as the New York Times published an article going in that direction. Indeed why buy foreign natural gas when we have ample reserves just next door ?

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