Back from Colombia with a reflection on biogas

Dear all, I am back from my three-month mission in Colombia and I LOVED it. I’ll try to write something for my other blog to explain you why Colombia really is chevere (Colombian for awesome).

Professionally, this was a tremendous experience as I learned a lot about biogas and how it could play a significant part of the energy transition in tropical countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Indeed, with so lush a vegetation, crops grow and grow fast. What if all the companies around the world producing sugarcane, citrus, palm oil and countless others were producing electricity from their waste ? What if all cities around the world were recycling  their waste in biodigesters, thus generating clean electricity from some dirty stuff ?

I knew about solar, wind, geothermal, marine energies and so on, but the huge potential of biomass and biogas was unknown to me. I am glad I worked for BIOTEC for this. (and for countless other reasons such as the team of great colleagues, the working atmosphere and so on)

But back to topic : the called ” developing nations “ (which are very close to being completely developped if you want my opinion on Colombia ) of the tropics will see their energy needs boom in the next decades. What if a part of this came from sustainable biogas ? What if  the fertilizer needed came from compost generated by huge biodigesters ?

Yes, a sustainable future is possible and I am now convinced that biogas will play a huge role in this.

Image credits : BIOTEC.

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