I previously noted that biofuels are more a problem than a solution. It seems I was right as to the Institute for European Environmental Policy, the European Union biofuel expansion plans are worse than burning fossil fuels. As TreeHugger notes: “ Over the next decade the extra biofuels used in […]

EU biofuels plans to increase climate change

We have heard that before : ” Wind power is far too unreliable ” or ” Nuclear power isn’t a safe solution “. Yet the reality is most of the times far from these myths. Popular Mechanics published a long article debunking energy myths. I wrote about some of them […]

10 energy myths, debunked


At first I wasn’t sure even if I had huge doubts. But now this is a certainty as I came accross three articles on how biofuels production in the United States, Brazil and Europe is a threat to our societies and our environment. In Brazil, biofuels production are a danger to […]

Biofuels aren’t a sustainable solution

I am absolutely no fan of biofuels, and am even believing they are more a problem than a solution as still hundreds of millions people are starving. It seems that it could also pose problem in the richest nations. Indeed, Green Inc. noted that the United Kingdom may have to […]

United Kingdom may need to import cereals


Even if I am an advocate of an increased use of renewable energy sources I am fully aware of their drawbacks. To me, they don’t constitute the panacea most people claim they are. After my posts on why renewables aren’t perfect solutions and the climate change mitigation paradox I would […]

Why renewable energies aren’t that sustainable


After Germany, it seems that the whole European Union is willing to steps back on its support to biofuels as they are one of the main reason for the recent riots of hunger. First generation biofuels’ use are competing directly with the traditional consumption of cereals: food. Even worse, some […]

The European Union steps back on biofuels

The prices of cereals keep on increasing in an important way and numerous riots of hungers already occured in many countries of South America, Africa and Asia. Biofuels aren’t the only reason for such increases – we will see below that many other factors were also involved – but they […]

Soaring cereal bills and the riots of hunger


Germany has been supporting biofuels for many years, but it seems that the accumulating proofs of their inadequacies are heard there. This time, it is not the fact that they emit more CO2 than previously thought or that they may plant the seeds of famine : they are simply still […]

Germany stops supporting biofuels


I have been willing to write an article on biofuels for now more than a year, and the so-called panacea they represent to some people. Today the famous company Nestlé provided me a great occasion to do so as according to its CEO, biofuels are planting the seeds of famine. […]

Are biofuels a solution or a (huge) problem ?


I have never been a great fan of traditional biofuels (nor the World Bank and the OECD) as their yield is quite small and as they require a lot of by-products (pesticides…). However, some alguae like Ulva lactuca (sea lettuce, pictured left) have a much superior yield than cereals and […]

Algae, the best solution to make biofuels