EU biofuels plans to increase climate change

I previously noted that biofuels are more a problem than a solution. It seems I was right as to the Institute for European Environmental Policy, the European Union biofuel expansion plans are worse than burning fossil fuels.

As TreeHugger notes: Over the next decade the extra biofuels used in the EU will be on average 81-176% worse for the climate than fossil fuels. “ Talk about a solution…

Why are we pushing forward a solution that will lead million people more to starvation AND increase greenhouse gases emissions ? This is not really sustainable development…

To the press release of the report :

A new report by IEEP concludes that between 4.1 and 6.9 million hectares of additional land will need to be cropped due to the increasing  conventional  biofuel  demand, set out in national plans.

This is equivalent to  an area  of somewhere  between the size of Belgium and the Republic of Ireland.  The report estimates that  this would lead to  additional  annual emissions  of  between 27 and 56 million tonnes of carbon dioxide  between 2011 and 2020,  associated with land conversion.

This would be equivalent to having 12 to 26 million additional cars on Europe’s roads in 2020.

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