United Kingdom may need to import cereals

british-wheatI am absolutely no fan of biofuels, and am even believing they are more a problem than a solution as still hundreds of millions people are starving. It seems that it could also pose problem in the richest nations.

Indeed, Green Inc. noted that the United Kingdom may have to resort to cereals imports in its long history if more biofuels were produced on British soil. This strongly reinforces my opinion on the topic.

Biofuels are totally unsustainable, let’s admit it. I hope more countries – like the European Union – will acknowledge this and stop their ambitious plans in this once promising solution.

As Green Inc. noted :

The growth of the biofuels industry in Britain may have the potential to turn the country into a net importer of wheat for the first time in its history, according to the British National Farmers’ Union.

The farm lobby estimates that 13.9 million tonnes of wheat (about 14.9 million United States tons) will be produced in 2009 — 3.4 million tonnes lower than 2008, because of decreased yields and lower plantings.

Meanwhile, two new biofuel projects are set to consume 2.3 million tonnes of British wheat next year.

If these trends continue, the lobby noted last week, it could bring to an end to Britain’s self sufficiency in wheat.

”In a poor harvest, Britain may need to meet domestic demand by shipping in extra supplies from other producers such as Canada or France,” Ian Blackhouse, the chairman of the National Farmers’ Union’s combinable crops board, was quoted as saying in an interview with The Times of London last week.

To power the cars of tomorrow, electricity might be the best solution as it can come from sustainable or low carbon solutions. I will soon publish a series of articles on the topic, so stay tuned !

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