Uruguay to invest $2.6 billion in Wind energy

The drought that is affecting Brazil so much is also undermining Uruguay and its large dependance on hydro energy ( 74 percent of local electricity ). The current alternative to hydro is oil. So the country will invest $2.6 billion ( 2.3 billion euros ) in wind energy in the next couple of years.

Entrepreneurship can solve Mankind’s biggest problems

My life as an MBA student is eventful. This week I went to an entrepreneurship DemoDay where six great leaders presented their startups. The event is part of Fledge, a company helping conscious entrepreneurs globally.

Buenos Aires switches to LED lights, saves money

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, have switched its 125,000 streetlights to LED. This will cut energy consumption by half and will last five times longer. With 13 million inhabitants, it is the second largest city in South America. To TreeHugger : ” That’s just one city. It’s estimated that if cities around the… Continue reading Buenos Aires switches to LED lights, saves money

Renewables due to boom in South America

Recently two Latin America countries unveiled large renewable energies plans. If those projects were to become reality, they would bring several gigawatts of clean energy to the continent. Argentina is very ambitious as it plans to build a wind farm that will amount for 600 to 900 MW as well as an impressive solar park that… Continue reading Renewables due to boom in South America