Afforestt : planting mini super forests everywhere

For the past few years I have grown to become a treehugger, willing to see more trees everywhere as they could clean our air from pollution and prevent climate change. Then comes Afforestt. 

This India-based company has found a way to bring mini super forests to cities in Germany, France, Oman, South Africa and Kenya thanks to a very innovative and equally efficient method based on what takes place in the industry.  

As Treehugger reported :

So when I read a blurb for a TED talk by industrial engineer Shubhendu Sharma, an industrial engineer who quit his job at Toyota to plant “mini-forests” populated entirely by native species which he claims are 30 times denser than a plantation, and grow 10 times faster than a naturally recurring forest would, I confess I was skeptical.

Based on the reforestation techniques of Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, Sharma’s for-profit business Afforrestt grows mini-forests on barren land at locations ranging from schools to police stations to residential buildings.

The idea, he says, is to turn restoring and reforesting large parts of the world into a significant industry.

The founder, Shubhendu Sharma, did a TED talk a while back and I have to say that I was very impressed. Here goes the video :

What if we could replicate this model all over the world ? What if we not only stopped deforestation but reforested our beautiful planet ? The image of reforesting and afforesting the whole world using this method fills me with hope.

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