Most largest greenhouse gases emitters have climate laws

Carbon emissions are up and upHere are good news, as Grist reported : “ GLOBE International, a London-based legislators’ group, surveyed climate- and energy-related laws and policies in 66 big countries, which together produce 88 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases “

” It found that that 62 of the countries have a flagship climate law or regulation, 61 have laws promoting clean energy, and 54 have energy-efficiency laws. In all, there are 487 climate change–related laws or policies in the 66 countries. “

Climate and energy related laws have seen their numbers explode since 1992 where there were only a handful. In 2002 there were only a hundred.

However, it is worth noting that while this is highly laudable, it won’t be enough to prevent climate change from occurring as the article points :

But GLOBE International President John Gummer, a climate adviser to the U.K. government, warns that much more action is needed: “We should be clear that the legislative response thus far is not yet sufficient to limit emissions at a level that would cause only a 2 degree Celsius rise in global average temperature, the agreed goal of the international community.”

Go to The GLOBE Climate Legislation Study for more.

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